TUPS, Who we are?

" Continually study for healthy skin "

TUPS Professional at TUPS LABORATORIES is a brand specializing in aesthetic.

We constantly research and develop products for skin health.

Through collaboration with local communities, we strive for the health of people and the environment. The firm philosophy of TUPS is to contain only excellent ingredients.

It's not just skin care.

Based on big data by skin type, we provide skin-body diagnosis services.

Offer a customized solution tailored to the results.


TUPS Pro High Performance M-GF Kit

TUPS Pro High Performance M-GF is a professional kit for wrinkle and whitening care. Combine niacinamide, which suppresses the activity and movement of tyrosinia, and adenosine, the only wrinkle-improving functional ingredient certified by the Korea Food and Drug Administration, to promote cell proliferation in the dermal layer of the skin and enhance the natural growth of skin cells.

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