TUPS Pro High Performance M-GF Intensive Ampoule

Whitening/wrinkle improvement functional ampoule.

A new standard for esthetics, TUPS

The whitening/wrinkle double-functional M-GF ampoule containing niacinamide and adenosine boasts a rich moisturizing feeling by applying TUPS' unique moisture coating method.

All ingredients EWG green grade, excellent cosmetic manufacturing standard CGMP certified product.

It currently used in aesthetic in various regions such as Seoul, Gyeonggi, Gyeongnam, and Jeonbuk.

TUPS M-GF ampoule contains 10 types of high-medium-low hyaluronic acid, 16 types of peptide complex, beta-glucan, and European chestnut shell extract to help make the skin brighter and more elastic.

The active ingredients in the MGF ampoule penetrate between the skin layers to form a strong moisture structure and restore skin elasticity and vitality.

Contains 10 kinds of hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a representative moisture component that comes to mind first when it comes to'moisture care'. TUPS M-GF ampoule contains 10 kinds of low- hyaluronic acid & medium- hyaluronic acid that charge/retain/bind moisture, and high hyaluronic acid that forms moisture transfer and protective film/barrier.

It is one of the natural moisturizing factors that exist in the dermal layer. It attracts the surrounding moisture and keeps the skin moist.


Known as a natural moisturizer with excellent skin soothing properties, beta-glucan is evaluated as having better moisturizing functions than hyaluronic acid

By forming a skin protective film, it protects the skin from skin contamination caused by external stimuli and plays a role in promoting the growth factor of epithelial cells.

European chestnut shell extract

The ingredient'tannin' contained in chestnut shell helps anti-inflammatory action and sebum control, gives tension around the pores, inhibits the activity of tyrosinase along with pore astringent effect, brightening the dark and dull skin tone.

TUPS M-GF Whitening Ampoule Before/After

Many people are curious about the whitening effect, so we release photos without correction.

After absorbing all 5ml of TUPS MGF ampoule with Auto MTS, I applied MGF cream lightly to finish.

As a result, it was confirmed that the skin became brighter and brighter with a moist feeling than before the treatment.

In the case of the M-GF ampoule, it can be used not only for manual management, but also for management of various devices such as MTS and LED.

When used for home care, you can see good effects in skin texture, elasticity, and skin radiance, even without a separate device.

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